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Distance Reading

45 Minutes


Digital Document



In - Person

60 Minutes


30 Minutes


Tarot Readings

Having your cards read can illuminate ideas you may have been struggling to crystallize, and empower you to act with clarity.


Sometimes you may need an objective perspective to help you access answers to those perplexing life situations.  Tarot can help you discover what you need to move forward with authenticity and alignment.

Look Within, Gain Insight.

In- Person

75 Minutes


45 Minutes



Distance Session

45 Minutes


Video Recording


Reiki Sessions

When you are feeling stressed and need to recharge your soul batteries, Reiki is a perfect way to slow down, relax and practice mindful meditation.


Your session is intended to provide you with a safe space to let your guard down and be supported energetically while you experience the positive effects of personal attention, relaxing sounds, aromatherapy, and empathetic care for your emotional needs. This is a clothed service.

Meditate, Align Your Energy.