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"Bodhi Tree is génial (that’s French for awesome). The therapists are so knowledgeable and the place is beautiful. Come grab some handmade jewelry, essential oils and get a massage!"       


Laetitia K

"Absolutely blissful massages and a beautiful environment. Visit the front room store on your way in! "

Christina C

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"This is such an all encompassing experience. From the second you step in the door, you're gently reminded how important and beautiful self-care and self-love is, especially in our fast-paced, stress-filled world. There is an atmosphere of peace and understanding. Learning to listen to and understand your body is encouraged. Shelley and her team are thoughtful and compassionate to every question, issue, and request. They use every tool in their wheelhouse including various therapeutic techniques to provide the most healing massage possible. It is art. Could not recommend enough. You will leave feeling refreshed and energized, not worn out. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment already."

Lauren J

"Why have you not been here? Make an appointment now! My monthly yoga retreats with Shelley are heavenly, and her work on my body makes the rest of my activities so much more enjoyable. This is a lovely form of self care you will never regret!"

Marti L

"Bodhi Tree does an awesome job. I’ve been going to her for a while now and have seen significant improvement in my physical comfort and performance. I never realized how beneficial massage could be. I’ve received massages from others in the past, but the massages I get at Bodhi Tree are a different level. Highly recommend."

Chad E

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My last reading with Emily was a wonderful experience! If you have never had a reading, it may make you feel anxious at first. However, you will be at ease with Emily. She thoughtfully explained everything she was going to do and say. Asked me questions of what I was hoping to get from the reading and if she needed to clarify anything. After my reading I was astounded at how accurate and in depth we went. (I did a full reading) my friend who I brought with me also felt the same way. I would highly recommend Emily for a reading. I am hoping to do another one again soon!

Ashlea S

"Emily did a 10 card reading for me and it was fantastic! I very much appreciate her blend of the intuitive and the practical, as well as her easy flow in incorporating what is and what can be, hinging on choice and growth. Her insight and clarity were extremely helpful to me during a time I was feeling overwhelmed. All the stars and hearts for this lady."   


Andrea O