Back Facial

75 Minutes


Face + Back Skincare Duo

60 Minutes


Classic Customized Back Facial

Show your back some love with a full treatment including steam, a deep cleanse, powerful exfoliation, extractions and a calming moisturizer to get your body back on track.

Exfoliate & Moisturize!

45 Minutes


Wrap + Facial

75 Minutes


Wrap + Massage 90 Minutes



Thermal Body Wraps

After dry brushing to remove dead cells and increase circulation, rich body butter is massaged into your skin before wrapping in thermal layers.  

Try your wrap + a massage or facial for the perfect duo.

Warm Up and Glow!

30 Minutes


Hands & Feet

Enjoy a hand and forearm massage with EcoFin wax dip (our alternative to petroleum based paraffin!)

Then your feet will be scrub a dubbed with a seasonal, botanical scrub and butter duo. 


A Treat for your Hands and Feet!