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24 hour advance notice is required when cancelling an appointment. This allows the opportunity for someone else to book a session.  If you are unable to give 24 hours advance notice you will be charged the full amount of your appointment. This amount must be paid prior to your next scheduled appointment. So long as 24 hour notice is given, Gift Certificates and Discount Coupons will remain valid. 


Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “no-show.” They will be charged for their “missed” appointment. Gift Certificates will be assumed to be used in full. Upon rebooking, you will be asked to pay at least 50% of the session in advance or reserve using a credit card.

Payment Methods

We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Health Savings and Flex Spending Account cards also usually are accepted.  We can also provide you an insurance ready receipt to submit if required. 

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available and show your loved ones just how much you care!  Give the gift of massage all year long

Safety and Conduct

Bodhi Tree Bodyworks is a professional business and does not offer any sexual services.  Any improper conduct at any time from a client will result in the termination of the session and a call to the authorities. We reserve the right to refuse serive to those clients that may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in order to prevent harm.  

Prenatal Sessions

We love our pregnant clients!  To best serve you please do let us know at the time of booking that you are pregnant so we can set your appointment with a therapist that has been trained in prenatal therapy.  If you are booking a session for a loved one, please let know at that time as well.  

New Clients

Is this your first massage therapy session with us!?  Welcome!  In order to preserve your entire session time, do arrive 10-15 minutes early so you have ample time to fill out your intake forms and consult with your therapist.  We look forward to meeting you.


Gratuities are always appreciated by your therapist and can be left in cash or easily on your card at the time of checkout. 

Steps for Success with Massage and Bodywork:

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water the day of and leading up to your massage session.

  • An empty stomach often feels better during a session, but being overly hungry OR overly full is preferably avoided.  A light snack before, or a full meal no less that 3 hours before often is the best.

  • Arrive 5 minutes early to every appointment.  10-15 early for your first, to allow time for intake and discussion of goals with your therapist

  • Do let your therapist know of any medical conditions or concerns you may have.  Always feel free to ask questions!

  • Communicate with your therapist.  Massage sometimes is intense but should never be painful.  Your therapist wants to know if they can adjust the room or table temperature, add or limit aromatherapy, adjust pressure and generally make sure you are comfortable throughout your massage.

  • Massage is an integral part of your health care, and the benefits are accumulative.  Discuss the best frequency for receiving massage with your therapist.  Most of our clients find the best results with 1-4 sessions a month, but we want to find what works with your schedule and finances.  The BEST routine is the one you can maintain. 


Bodhi Tree is a welcoming and inclusive environment.  We are a safe place for people regardless of gender, race, age, or sexual identity.  We want you to be comfortable here, from even before you arrive.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding how a treatment or class at Bodhi Tree would be for you to experience, please let us know.  We strive to use our clients stated pronouns, are welcoming of all family types and generally want you to feel like you've come home to a safe place.  You are safe on our table.