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During this therapeutic massage, the addition of cups providing negative pressure is used. 


Every therapist is different in how they approach cupping and will adjust treatment to the needs of their client. Your comfort is our key concern!


This technique offers a far less intense feeling of pressure and discomfort than a typical “deep” massage, but with similar effects.  


Cupping is great for several reasons: 

  • It gets the blood flowing. 

  • It can help target a specific area of need. 

  • Those who struggle with the pressure of a normal massage may like the alternative of cupping because although it’s still pressure, it’s felt in a different way.  

  • Countless individuals swear to the benefits of this therapy because we’ve seen the results over and over in ourselves and others. 

Looking for more info on Cupping?  Check out our blog post on the topic here.

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60-120 Minutes  $100-$170