COVID 19 Updates

We at Bodhi Tree have continued to evaluate the Covid-19 Pandemic and the advice and information available at any given time. 

At this time we are unable to predict when we will feel that massage therapy will be a safe activity for ourselves, our clients and our community.  Therefore we have closed our current location for the time being.

We look forward to reopening in the  future in a new location when we can once again commit to the health and safety of everyone involved.  


"I have a Gift Card, will it expire?":

No! Your gift cards, membership credits, and 5 packs will not expire while we remain closed.  If you want to hold on to them for that day when we are on the other side of this, you are more than welcome to!  However, we understand that with the uncertainty of this, you may prefer a refund.  You can do so by emailing us at

"Where are you moving to?"

That's an unknown right now!  Once we really came to grips with the fact that massage in a small room, for an hour, in an old building, with close contact isn't likely to be safe for 6+ more months, we decided to press pause and regroup on the other side.  That means we may very likely be in a new space at that time and will see what the area's real estate looks like between now and then!  We love turning an empty building into a warm oasis for wellness though, so we aren't scared ;-)

"I'm sad, aren't you sad?"

We are SO sad to miss out on our beloved clients health and wellness during this time.  We miss your visits and your faces and the amazing community we've created.  We care so much about that community that we are happy to wait it out until we can better ensure your safety and ours. 

(But yeah, some days we are more sad than others!)

"Is Massage Really That Risky?"

Honestly, we will all know more and be able to answer that better on the other side of this pandemic.  That said, currently, all the science available leads us and so many leaders in the massage industry to believe that massage as we currently experience it, just isn't safe enough to run the risk right now. 

Some factors that really went into our decision is the incredible amount of additional PPE required, ventilation, unknown risks of massage and the clotting, DVT, and stroke symptoms that are being reported with Covid patients.  

We hope we are wrong and it turns out we were over protective, but we are willing to wait and see rather than risk being right and being a spreading factor in our community. 

More Questions? Contact us at 

We so appreciate each and every client, customer and friend and cannot wait to see you again.  Stay safe and well and keep an eye out on our blog and online store during this season for tips and tools to make home wellness easier.  


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